Fiber is a resource that can be found by breaking bushes found in The Wilderness, these plants drop 2-3 fiber per bush but are found scattered across the map. Fiber can be used to produce clothing (Provided you got THIS patch) by crafting cloth combined with various dye to create patterns.
Fiber Plant

A fiber bush found in The Wilderness, note that these do spawn in random locations in The Wilderness

Fiber Produce

Fiber on display at the shop.

Farming FiberEdit

Farming fiber can be done by equipping fiber then left clicking to place it on the ground. Fiber takes about 30 minutes to grow completely, during it's growth the plant will appear fully green. When the crop has reached ready to harvest, players can break it with anything to drop the fiber and then collect it. There are some players that will try to destroy your fiber plants, there are three steps that you can do to ensure safe fiber farming

1. Do not plant fiber in the open.Edit

Planting fiber in the open is not the best idea, for any player can stumble upon it and destroy it or steal it depending on the time. Some players will do this to only annoy you, do not let them. Do not say where your plants are either, when a New Player joins, you should not tell them about your fiber's location, as they will look for it and then destroy it. Try and plant in a concealed location such as The Treehouse, or inside the warehouse in PortTown.

2. Do not use all of your fiber when farming.Edit

You always want to spare some fiber after planting, although it may give you a larger amount, it's not the best idea to, as if certain players were to stumble upon it, they may destroy it leaving you with no fiber left to replace the lost plants. Even if you harvest the second attempt, you still have fiber rather than having no fiber at all. It's okay to share a few fiber however to players that don't have any, if they need help farming, offer help to them.

3. Keep your demerits below 60.Edit

Read about demerits HERE.

If you have more than 60 demerits, you will appear on the wanted list, if police were to read the list, they may start looking for you, if they happen to find, you they will (on rare occasions) destroy your farm and capture you and arrest you. The best way to avoid this is to track your crimes prior to begining a farm. If cops do happen to find you, just simply surrender. There are no money penalties and you only have to stay in jail for 1:00 - 12:00 Minuites (depending on what you've done). However cops may still (again, on rare occasions) destroy your crops and attempt to jail you for no reason.

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