These enemies can be found generally in The Wilderness however some appear in rare locations. They drop a normal of 1-9 gold on death (enemy dependent), have varying damage resistances, and varying appearances. Most Melee form enemies can not damage a horse, but they can enter safe regions (Tavern, PortTown, etc.) All orcs drop the Rust ore randomly when not in combat.


Orcs are your Run-of-the-mill enemy, they are encountered in The Wilderness, The Swamp, and The Distant Forest. These enemies have 5 other variants, these rely solely on melee combat where the others don't. They have reflective armor to make them easy to identify. They have a low damage resistance making them capable of taking a few hits before death, they don't have knockback on their attack making them deadly in close-duarters They drop 3-9 Gp on death.

Rocket OrcsEdit

Rocket Orc

A Rocket Orc standing outside of Fort Bad (Seconds after the Fort Bad Picture)

These special orcs can only be found up at Fort Bad, they can run extremely fast and deal immense damage to players killing instantly. They have low damage resistance similar to the Orc but are smaller and have bright orange skin. They tend to spawn one at a time, so a group of players can dispatch a Rocket Orc easily, however they can be the downfall of a wandering player. They are melee fighters but are very hard to out-run.

Demolition OrcEdit

Demolition Orc

A close up of a Demolition Orc.

This Orc variant appears in The Wilderness, Red Crater, The Swamp, and inside The Volcaino. They carry dynamite as their main weapon, When killed, instead of Gold, they drop dynamite (Being the only way to obtain it.) They have a low damage resistance, and with the dynamite's short fuse and blast raduis, it can prove dangerous at close quarters. The blast can launch players long distances, making it hard for other players to revive. They are best dealt with by using spells that reach a distance (such as ball or fireball.)

Tiny OrcEdit

Tiny Orc

These guys are very hard to see. Be warned.

These little guys can be found in The Wilderness, they have a taned skin and have no damage resistance. They deal very little damage but over time can be a pest as their small size makes them hard to hit. They don't pose much of a threat, but enemies are enemies and they should still be dispatches when possible. They drop 1-2 Gold on death and die from one hit with any spell.

When a player is killed by one, they are identified as 'Bunny'

Fire OrcEdit

These guys look similar to the Demolition Orc, they can only be found inside of The Volcaino. Their attack is the Burn Spell which can prove deadly if you are exposed to it long enough. They drop Dynamite upon death and have low damage resistance. They can only reach a certain range, so it's best to keep your distance when Fire Orcs are being dealt WIth.

Sea MonsterEdit

Screenshot 00241

Sea monster.. Note how the AI does not allow it to leave the water.

These blue tinted Orcs spawn when players are in deep water such as PortTown, The Swamp, Blue Reef, Starboard Town, and small lakes around The Wilderness. They can move very fast through water, can kill in one hit, and have a high damage resistance. They can not surface on land and are very dangerous. The best way to deal with them is to not to. Although that they can only float, it is best to use the Ball Spell when under water to keep them away. They Drop Steel and Explosive Bolts for crossbows.



A knight in combat.

These enemies have a medium damage resistance and can be found in The Wilderness and Red Crater. They function the same as the Normal Orc, but are much more effective when it comes to approaching the player. They have the same drops and deal the same damage to the Orc. These enemies are very distinct, however, as their gold armor can give away their location when seen.

Meat CubesEdit

Meat cube


These enemies are the most basic enemies, they have no damage resistance, very slow movement speed deal small amounts of damage, and only drop 1-3 Gold on death. They are found in The Wilderness, The Swamp, Red Crater, The Beach House, Auric Fields, The Distant Forest, and The Forest. They Are small but larger cubes can split when killed into 4 smaller cubes, these cubes can easily be killed and drop the usual 1-3 Gold on death.


Screenshot 00231

An imp unaware of my location....

These Small enemies excell in Ranged combat, but only appear in The Forest, they are green colored Orcs, drop Steel and Explosive Bolts on death, and can be very annoying to players. These guys are very dangerous and should be avoided due to their high damage output and fast movement, They can be best dispatched if in a group as they can spawn up to three at a time. They prove difficult as players can frequently die when exploring The Forest. Avoid them at all costs.
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