Port TownEdit

Port Town

A shot of Port Town on a rainy day.

Port Town is the starting point for all players in Age of TIme. Here, the players are given their first quest and recieve the 'Crap Sword' as a weapon. There are other places within Port Town that players can interact with.


Store Shelves

All items default to the shop.

In the shop, players can sell and purchase items whether it be from the game or from other players. The list of object in the shop (defaults) are listed below.

Quality Crossbow - $2500

Rusty Shield - $300

Steel Broadsword - $1000

Insta-Horse - $300

Parchment - $25

Bleach - $300

Blue Vial - $50

Throwing Knife - $10

Steel Bolts - $5 for 10

Explosive Bolts - $25 for 10

W.Shoes - $75

W.Pants - $35

W.Shirt - $30

Bra - $25

Panties - $25

Shop ShelvesEdit

Shop displays

Rows of empty shelves.

Shop Shelves are locations designated for player objects to be located when selling. Players pay a fee of 5-20 Gp and they are given the slot. When the selling GUI appears, players are prompted with the location's price, how many of the object they are selling, how much they want for the object(s) (This mean all of what your selling for how much), and to find what object they are selling.



Exterior/Interior of the Blacksmith's shop

The Blacksmith is an shop where players can craft objects with resources they find when exploring the world. The Blacksmith is located on the far east of the town (Near Jail) Players need to have THIS patch for the Blacksmith to work correctly. Here players can smelt ores to metals, Craft cloth from fiber and into clothing, and forge weapons with various metals and woods. Only when smelting or forging items does it cost money. The prices are below.

Crossbow - $900

Broadsword - $500

Shield - $300

Metals - $10 - $30

Police Station (Jail)Edit

Police Exterior

Exterior of the Police Station just on the outskits of Port Town.

Here is where players manage their law status, Players with no crime records can become police and earn a pay check, pay off demerits, track what criminals are online and how many demerits they have, and learn all about the laws in Age of Time. (To read more on Laws, click here)
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